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AIOps and Cybersecurity – The Power of AI in the Backend (TechHQ)

Too often the power of AI and machine learning is enjoyed by the product user in the form of benefits to UX, and not necessarily by the product-makers, who may still be reliant on ... More

Make AI a Force Multiplier in Cybersecurity – Not a Destination (Dataconomy)

In the cybersecurity war between organizations and adversaries, we too often convince ourselves that we are pitting “technology versus technology.” But, actually, the battle is... More

The Next Battle in the Cyber Arms Race (TechRadar)

A crucial response to the onset of increasingly sophisticated and novel attacks has been AI-powered defenses, a development driven by the philosophy that information about yesterda... More

Inaugural Global M&E Day Arrives in London – Virtually – on 2 July

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) is bringing an expanded version of its popular New York City-based M&E Day summit to London, when MESA Europe hosts the i... More

Measuring the Effectiveness of AI in the SOC (Security Intelligence)

According to ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity Report, 78 percent of respondents expect the demand for technical cybersecurity roles to increase in the future. The report also menti... More

How Offensive AI Will Augment Cyberattacks (Verdict)

The mind of an experienced and dedicated cybercriminal works like that of an entrepreneur: the relentless pursuit of profit guides every move they make. At each step of the journey... More

Keynoter Talks Hacking Motives at Cybersecurity, Content Protection Summit

When Ralph Echemendia — a cybersecurity specialist with the memorable moniker “The Ethical Hacker” — first got into hacking, it wasn’t with nefarious intent. “When I g... More

The Role of AI in Ensuring Data Privacy (CMS Wire)

With artificial intelligence now used in many of the apps that drive the digital workplace, many enterprise managers are beginning to question the implications this will have for p... More

Cinelytic CEO Looks to Make Most of P2P Piracy Data

Most media and entertainment companies lack insights into global OTT audiences, despite how fast the business is growing. The industry spends $200 billion annually making and mar... More

Cinelytic CEO: Finding the Silver (Data) Lining in Pervasive Piracy

LOS ANGELES — Nobody in the industry is a fan of piracy and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. It’s billions out of the pockets of content owners, creators, and everyone associat... More