Inaugural Global M&E Day Arrives in London – Virtually – on 2 July


The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) is bringing an expanded version of its popular New York City-based M&E Day summit to London, when MESA Europe hosts the inaugural Global Media & Entertainment Day Thursday, 2 July, as a worldwide, virtual event.

The afternoon sessions and breakouts will feature data, cloud, IT and security experts, across the media and entertainment technology ecosystem, weighing in on and demonstrating the latest solutions on hand for — and the challenges facing — the industry in today’s global remote-work business environment.

Media and entertainment companies have largely settled into a work-from-home way of keeping their businesses running, and discovering advantages along the way: far less overhead, near-normal levels of productivity, and a workforce that feels safe and comfortable reporting to the job day in and day out. How M&E continues to function remotely going forward, the tools that can help ease the process, and the concerns weighing on content owners’ minds will all be addressed at the Global M&E Day.

“MESA produced two successful virtual events in May and we are excited to introduce the software to our European member companies and content community,” said MESA President & CEO Guy Finley. “In addition to multi-track sessions, where attendees can choose the topic most important to their work, the networking breaks and reception allow for one-on-one or group networking that are essential to MESA’s communities. Our members and studio executives agree that we’ve transformed our regular in-person conferences into an online virtual event experience.”

Registration and networking opens at 12.30 p.m. GMT/London time, with general sessions beginning at 1 p.m., where smart content, localization, cybersecurity, content protection, and cloud accessed or cloud-enabled technologies, will be discussed. Attendees will gain insights into what’s worked thus far, what can be improved upon, the ways we can scale our collective business up in both the short and long term, and what your company might need to address our new way of working together on a global scale in the entertainment supply chain.

Presentations around metadata, AI and ML, localisation technologies and data management trends in the worldwide industry (Smart Content), and how studios, networks and every content owners are evolving their efforts to protect our industry through risk management (Content Protection Summit), will be on the agenda, with a special focus revolving around how, today, M&E has become reliant on worldwide collaboration.

Global M&E Day is being produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), in cooperation with MESA Europe and in association with CDSA and the Smart Content Council.

For regular program updates visit the event website here.

To showcase your company’s solutions and services at the Global Media & Entertainment Day contact Evie Silvers at [email protected].