Our Mission

The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) is the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software, and information content.

Events, Information & Community

  • CDSA’s Content Protection Summit (LA, NY, London) – The most important events of the year for M&E professionals involved in content protection, anti-piracy and risk management for film, video, television, games and music.
  • CDSA’s Content Protection & Cybersecurity Summit (at NAB, Las Vegas) – This new, annual program provides case studies, best practices and expert discussions on network and online threats specific to broadcast, film and television.
  • CDSA Meetings and Committees – In 2010 CDSA went under the management of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA, which provides management, meeting and event services for the association. CDSA co-locates its own executive, members-only sessions, on issues of prime importance at MESA’s popular industry gatherings. Click here to learn how to get involved with MESA.

Content Security Risk Management Programs

  • Copyright & Licensing Verification (CLV) – Developed at the request of content owners and media manufacturers to standardize and verify processes used to prevent piracy through unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of products.
  • Music Recording Studio Security (MRSS) – Developed by operational and technical specialists within the recording industry, the objective of the MRSS Best Practices is to establish a set of effective security guidelines that can measure how a recording studio or individual involved in the recording studio process will secure and protect physical and digital media assets.


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