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Yahoo Breach May Trigger ‘Material Adverse Change’ Clause (Dark Reading)

Verizon Communications may have leverage to renegotiate its $4.8 billion Yahoo acquisition under a rarely used "material adverse change" clause, the Wall Street Journal reported.... More

Report: Yahoo’s CISO Resigned Over Secret Email Search Tool (ARS Technica)

According to a new report by Reuters citing anonymous former employees, in 2015, Yahoo covertly built a secret “custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming... More

10 Things You Need to Do If Your Business Gets Hacked (Fortune)

What’s worse than a massive data breach? Not reporting it. Yahoo is learning that lesson the hard way. The Internet giant is coming under intense scrutiny for only just reveal... More

Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo, Insiders Say (New York Times)

Six years ago, Yahoo’s computer systems and customer email accounts were penetrated by Chinese military hackers. Google and a number of other technology companies were also hit.... More

Delay in Hack Disclosure Could Hurt Yahoo (Fortune)

Whatever the cause, Yahoo’s foot-dragging may be more than poor judgment. It may also be illegal given laws in 47 states that require companies to alert consumers when they’v... More