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Is Password Sharing of Streaming Video Good or Bad for the Industry? (Media Post)

TV piracy, for all its downside, also denotes a mark of desirability. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” continues to be the No.1-pirated TV show worldwide. While that means lost revenu... More

SVA’s Thibeault: ‘Layered’ Security Solutions Work Best to Protect Your Content

NEW YORK — As over-the-top (OTT) streaming video continues to gain in popularity, it’s a prime target for pirates and, to protect your content, it’s important to use a “lay... More

Streaming Service iflix Buys Shows Based on Piracy Data (TorrentFreak)

When major movie and TV companies discuss piracy they often mention the massive losses incurred as a result of unauthorized downloads and streams. However, this unofficial market ... More

Chrome DRM Bug Makes it Easy to Download Streaming Video (ARS Technica)

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that could allow users to bypass itscopy protection system and download content from streaming vid... More