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NAB 2019: SHIFT Details ‘Mundane’ Content Threats; IBM Secures a Partner

LAS VEGAS — Alex Nauda, CTO for video collaboration firm SHIFT and Screeners.com, sees the big hacks and malware infections getting all the attention when it comes to the content... More

M&E Journal: Digital Screeners: Walking the Security-Playback Tightrope

By Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer, MediaSilo - With piracy an ever-growing problem and high-profile hacks affecting multiple networks and streaming services, security is top... More

Content Protection Experts: Owners Need to Improve Screener Process

It’s imperative for studios, networks, indie distributors and other organizations to make their content available to critics, and when sending out pre-release content to those re... More

Hollywood Screener Piracy Aided by 70,000 Mailed Award Discs (TorrentFreak)

At the end of the year movie industry insiders traditionally receive their screener copies, which they use to vote on the Oscars and other awards. As is tradition, quite a few of ... More

NAB 2017: MediaSilo, Wiredrive Combine Forces, Launch Screeners Platform (CDSA)

On the heels of announcing their merger in February, some of the industry’s largest SaaS platforms for video-driven creative workflows will be showing off the fruits of their com... More

Warner Bros. Claims Agency Ran its Own Pirate Movie Site (TorrentFreak)

When so-called DVD screeners of the latest movies leak to pirate sites, studios are among the first to highlight the damaging effects. Often the copies are of excellent quality, a ... More

Pre-Release Title Security Tops Focus of MESA Europe Content Protection Summit (MESA Europe)

The theft of or accidental leaking of content during the post production phase remains a serious concern across the industry, and although, at this stage, while editing is largely ... More

What The Press Thinks of Your Press Screener Site (MediaSilo)

So you've sent out press screeners to adoring reviewers at some of the most reputal publications you can think of--I'm talking Rolling Stone, Indie Wire, Mashable, etc. And now you... More

Researcher Finds Critical Vulnerabilities in Hollywood Screener System (TorrentFreak)

So-called screener copies of the latest movies are some of Hollywood’s most valuable assets, yet every year and to the delight of pirates, many leak out onto the Internet. Over ... More