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Synamedia’s Avigail Gutman on Preventing Hacking, Piracy (ITVT)

Avigail Gutman, VP of Intelligence and Security Operations at Synamedia, discusses her work preventing hacking and piracy. Among other things, she explains how hackers and pirates ... More

Record Industry Groups Take Action Against Fake Music Streams in Germany (Billboard)

Global recording industry trade organization IFPI has worked with the German national group, BVMI, to take action against five websites in Germany which manipulate music streams in... More

Fighting Piracy Requires Technological Solutions (NAGRA Blog)

Those who produce and distribute content need to look at the source of piracy through protection devices, considering the technological bias to avoid it.... More

Cartesian Report: 1 in 5 Americans Share Credentials

A new report from Boston-based media consultancy firm Cartesian found that 22% of U.S. residents admit to credential sharing, and 42% of those aged 18-24 report the same, adding up... More

Akamai Piracy Paper Stresses Better Data, Collaboration

Ian Munford, director of industry strategy, marketing and solutions for Akamai, surveys the current piracy landscape, and sees a number of problems: the worldwide data around pirac... More

Canal Welcomes French Pirate Conviction (BTN)

Five individuals who between them managed around 20 pirate sites have been convicted by a French court, described by Canal+ as an “important step” in the fight against piracy. ... More

What Type of Anti-Piracy Campaign is More Likely to Work on Infringers? (Hacker Noon)

Over the past couple of decades, campaigns aimed at discouraging people from accessing infringing content online have come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are effective is st... More

International Coalition Brings Down Piracy Ring Boasting 40,000 Video Channels, VOD Content (NAGRA Blog)

The Deutsche Fußball Liga, the Spanish Football League, NAGRA and Nordic Content Protection announced the shutdown of an illegal IPTV streaming network based in Spain that served ... More

Piracy: An Integrated Security to Protect All Services (Senal News)

Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP Anti-Piracy at Nagra, argues that the fight against piracy, whether it is the product of content sharing or commercial piracy, is an ongoing effort at v... More

Richey May Tech: Remote Working a Daunting Security Challenge

Ransomware, piracy, spoilers, leaks … Hollywood’s list of concerns is a constant reminder to keep your security at the forefront. But while the protocols were pretty straightf... More