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Box CPO: Malware Presents ‘Tremendous Amount of Exposure’ for Companies

Malware presents media and entertainment companies and other organizations with a “tremendous amount of exposure” today, according to Jeetu Patel, Box chief product officer. ... More

The Internet is Drowning in COVID-19-Related Malware, Phishing Scams (Ars Technica)

Emails and websites are promising vital information about keeping safe from the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the globe and threatening millions. In fact, a flood of them ... More

How Video Became a Dangerous Delivery Vehicle for Malware Attacks (Security Intelligence)

Most employees have some awareness about malware attacks. Many probably know that you should never open an executable file from a stranger or install a thumb drive found in the par... More

Hacker Sentenced After Using Fake Ads to Spread Malware (Security Today)

A hacker who used fake advertisements placed on local newspaper websites to spread malware has been sentenced to 33 months in prison after sitting on the FBI Cyber's Most Wanted li... More

If Video Killed the Radio, Will Malvertising Kill Your Website? (Security Intelligence)

If you’re an internet user, you’ve almost certainly seen a pop-up ad congratulating you for winning a prize and enticing you to click on a link to claim it. In reality, there... More

Malware That Hijacks Your Computer to Mine Cryptocurrency Is Swarming Across the Internet (Futurism)

Last month, visitors of BitTorrent search engine/piracy website The Pirate Bay noticed their central processing unit (CPU) usage spike. However, the problem wasn’t related to the... More

IBM: 6 Ways Businesses Can Protect Against Ransomware Like Petya (Forbes)

On June 27, organizations in over 65 countries reported they had been infected with Petya ransomware. Petya ransomware was first discovered in March 2016, and like most malware, it... More

How Malware Gets Inside Your Apps (GCN)

Malicious software on popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android is at best a nuisance and at worst a security threat to individuals and businesses. Known as malware, some p... More

Simple Ways to Avoid Malware Across Devices (TechRepublic)

If the recent WannaCrypt attack is any indication, the continued wave of malicious software is not about to fade into the distance. And so, everyone with a keyboard and a mouthpiec... More

Phony WordPress Domain Steals Cookies to Fool Web Admins (Security Intelligence)

All that’s missing is an “e,” but a fake WordPress site could fool website admins into letting it take over browser sessions and steal information, researchers warned. A new ... More