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7 Steps to Enhance IoT Security (InfoWorld)

Securing the IoT is a multi-faceted effort that requires big moves as well as small adjustments to ensure networks, systems, data and devices are protected. Here are 7 security pra... More

Eurofins Digital Testing Debuts IoT Security Test Lab

The cybersecurity division of quality assurance and testing specialist Eurofins Digital Testing has opened a new security test lab to examine the security of Internet of Things (Io... More

Smart Hollywood Summit: Don’t Neglect Blockchain Security

LOS ANGELES — Just by its definition, blockchain sure sounds synonymous with security: A decentralized database, comprised of a chain of records (or “blocks”), with each bloc... More

CES 2019: Independent Security Evaluators Tackles IoT Vulnerabilities

Heading into the 2019 CES show, security research and consulting firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) is stepping up its research into security vulnerabilities with Internet ... More

AI, Supply Chain, IoT Risks Will Dominate the 2019 Cyberthreat Landscape (TechRepublic)

The year 2018 saw a proliferation of high-profile data breaches and phishing attacks, and 2019 will undoubtedly involve more of the same, along with several new and evolving enterp... More

IoT Security: Why it Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better (ZDNet)

IoT brings opportunities but it also brings cyber security risks - some of which have barely been thought about. Vendors rush to add to the range of devices available, with many lo... More

The Importance of Securing the Internet of Things (New World Blog)

The continued growth of the Internet of Things and connected devices (Gartner predicts a total of 20.4 billion connected things in use worldwide by 2020) has resulted in an exponen... More

Businesses Aren’t Prepared for IoT Attacks (IT Pro Portal)

Businesses think an IoT-related cyber-attack would have them lose customers. So, what do they do to prepare for such an event? Almost nothing. A new report by Trend Micro found th... More

AWS Rolls Out IoT Security Managed Service (CBR)

Amazon Web Services has launched AWS IoT Device Defender, a managed service that continuously audits the configurations on connected devices against a set of predefined security be... More

Overcoming Challenges in Securing the Internet of Things (IM)

The frenzy surrounding all things IoT has quickly moved from unbridled excitement to dystopian warnings. From its potential to revolutionize the way we work and play, to visions of... More