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5 Years of Fighting DDoS with the Power of Akamai (Security Boulevard)

Earlier this year, Akamai celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Prolexic acquisition. The merger was officially completed in February of 2014, and  a lot has happened since then... More

Wipro Cybersecurity Report Sees Rise in Attacks

IT, consulting and business process services firm Wipro has released its first-ever cybersecurity report — interviewing nearly 140 CISO teams across various industries — and th... More

Friday DDoS Attacks Impacted M&E in a Big Way

When cyber criminals Oct. 21 went after Dyn — which provides internet services for a host of companies — they used a a global distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to bri... More

Spreading the DDoS Disease and Selling the Cure (Krebs on Security)

Earlier this month a hacker released the source code for Mirai, a malware strain that was used to launch a historically large 620 Gbps denial-of-service attack against this si... More

Feds Charge Two In Lizard Squad Investigation (Krebs on Security)

The U.S. Justice Department has charged two 19-year-old men alleged to be core members of the hacking groups Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp. The pair are charged with credit ca... More

DDoS Attacks: Cybercriminals Are More Homegrown Than You Think (Dark Reading)

The stereotype of the seedy cybercriminal from Russia or Eastern Europe may no longer be valid. FBI agent Elliott Peterson told Black Hat attendees this morning that when it comes... More