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Pitfalls of Cybersecurity Shopping: Hype and Shoddy Products (CSO)

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Stealthy Mac Malware Spies on Encrypted Browser Traffic (PC World)

A new malware program that targets macOS users is capable of spying on encrypted browser traffic to steal sensitive information. The new program, dubbed OSX/Dok by researchers fro... More

Is a Cybersecurity Skills Gap Putting Your Company at Risk? (Enterprisers Project)

Most large companies have spent decades under-spending on information and cybersecurity, says David Foote, partner and chief analyst at the research and analysis firm Foote Partner... More

Best Defense Against Ransomware is Aggressive Offense (ITSP Magazine)

Ransomware is big money. In fact, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ransomware attackers collected more than $209 million from victims in the first three months of ... More

Best Practices for Securing Open Source Code (Dark Reading)

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Customized Malware: Confronting an Invisible Threat (Dark Reading)

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The Insecurities List: 10 Ways to Improve Cybersecurity (Network World)

A friend asked me to list all of the cybersecurity things that bug me and what he should be diligent about regarding user security. We talked about access control lists, MAC layer ... More

If You Don’t Know Much About Cybersecurity, You’re Not Alone (Forbes)

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey to discover what Americans know about personal cybersecurity. The results are troubling. Most people know very little which makes them�... More

Why Continuous Vulnerability Assessment is Essential (Bank Info Security)

A continuous vulnerability assessment program should be baseline security requirement for all organizations, says Richard Bussiere, principal architect, APAC, at Tenable Network ... More