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Major DNS Provider Hit by Mysterious, Focused DDoS Attack (ARS Technica)

Unknown attackers have been directing an ever-changing army of bots in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against NS1, a major DNS and traffic management provider, for o... More

Cyber Security: The Case for a European Approach (Open Democracy)

The increasing digitalisation of our societies creates new vulnerabilities both to accidents and to intentional threats. Malevolent individuals and organisations may, without any p... More

Cyber Criminal Business Model Vulnerable to Intervention (IT World)

Cybercrime may be booming but its business model is vulnerable on many fronts, according to a new report. "We've been observing that they've been acting like a business for a whil... More

Mistrust Between Private, Public Sectors a Bottleneck to Combating Cyber Crime: Experts (New Times)

The rising incidents of cybercrime could be easily checked if the private and public sectors learnt to trust each other and share relevant information regarding combating the vice,... More

Changing Consumer-Technology Interactions: The Rise Of Cyber Security, Data Privacy (Forbes)

As high-profile data breaches become more frequent — think Target, Ashley Madison and even Anthem (the second-largest health insurer in the U.S.) — consumers are starting to ca... More