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YouTube Making it Much Easier for Creators to Deal With Copyright Claims (The Verge)

YouTube is updating the way it handles manual copyright claims with changes that should make them much less of a headache for video creators.... More

Is the EU’s New Copyright Directive Too Complex to Work? ([email protected])

After two years in the making, the European Parliament on March 26 passed a sweeping copyright directive that could have a major impact on big technology companies. The European Pa... More

Creators Face an Evolving Challenge Protecting IP (Raconteur)

The challenge for creators of original works, whether that is music, images, software or other original expressions of ideas, is how to protect those creations and make enough mone... More

M&E Journal: In the Decades from Kazaa to Kodi: Have Things Really Changed?

By Mo Ali, U.K. Business Development, Media Science International - In the late 1990s and early 2000s, file sharing had been something of a dark art, strictly for the uber-techie... More

Spotify Buys ‘Cover Song’ Licensing Firm to Tackle Copyright Risks (Reuters)

Spotify has acquired Loudr.fm, a San Francisco-based provider of licensing technology to help it to locate songwriters and pay them royalties they are due. The acquisition helps ad... More

Digimarc Highlights How Watermarking Can Improve Rights, Royalty Management for the Music Industry (MESA)

Digimarc today released a white paper titled, “Watermarking Technology and Blockchains in the Music Industry,” outlining how blockchain technology, when coupled with digital au... More

CreativeFuture Applauds Introduction of New Congressional Copyright Act (CDSA)

CreativeFuture has come out in support of the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act (H.R. 1695 ). CreativeFuture has said it encourages Congress to swiftly enact ... More

Google Anti-Piracy Agreement Will Target Domain Hopping, Share Search Data (TorrentFreak)

More details surrounding the voluntary anti-piracy agreement between Google, Bing, and major rightsholders have emerged. In addition to efforts to mitigate pirate sites' efforts t... More

Copyright Industries Back Clinton’s Presidential Campaign (TorrentFreak)

Tuesday the world will find out who is going to be the President of the United States during the years to come. During the past several months, news coverage have been dominated b... More

Clinton v. Trump on Copyrights, Patents (Ars Technica)

The hot-button issues this election can be counted on one's fingers—and for most voters, things like copyright and patent policy don't make the list. Assigned to a wonkish zone ... More