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CES 2020: Apple, Facebook Sing From the Same Consumer Privacy Songbook (Forbes)

Facebook and Apple, which have spent more than a year sparring over privacy, adopted an astoundingly civil tone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — singing from the s... More

Apple Reminds Us That Behind the AI Revolution Lies an Army of Humans Seeing Our Data (Forbes)

Apple’s concession last week that it relies on an army of human contractors to review a small portion of the recordings from Siri activations reminds us just how much the AI revo... More

Apple’s Masterstroke: Privacy by Design (Digitally Cognizant)

Leave it to Apple to be the game-changer for privacy. The company’s recent announcement that iOS 13 will include single sign-on is a direct hit to the technology sector. Unlike m... More

Apple Promises Customers a Safer Digital World – for a Price (CNN Business)

For years, Apple has gone after the luxury market with its hardware products. Now, its latest luxury offering isn't a gold smartwatch or a nearly $1,500 iPhone, but a safer digital... More

Apple’s Tim Cook: ‘Don’t Believe’ Tech Companies That Say They Need Your Data (CNBC)

Cook's company has long taken a distinctive approach to privacy and continues to roll out new hardware that makes it more difficult for external bodies (and Apple itself) to access... More

Privacy Builds a Wider Moat for Apple’s Margins (Reuters)

Privacy is building a wider moat for Apple’s margins. The iPhone maker’s premium prices and fast-growing services continued to power earnings in the latest quarter. Selling har... More

Apple Renews iOS 12 Data Security Arms Race With Law Enforcement (eWeek)

Ever since Apple refused demands by the FBI to unlock an iPhone used by a murderous terrorist in December 2015, there’s been a struggle between the company and its pledge to prot... More

Apple Tweaks Privacy Controls to Conform with GDPR (ITProPortal)

Apple is changing its privacy policies to be more in line with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation. The iPhone maker is updating the web site for handling Apple ID... More

Apple, Cisco Team Up to Push for Cybersecurity Insurance Discounts (New York Times)

Apple Inc is working with Cisco Systems Inc to help businesses that primarily use gear from both companies to get a discount on cyber-security insurance premiums, Apple Chief Exe... More

Apple, Facebook, Coinbase Offered Data to Finger Alleged Pirate King (The Register)

The United States case against alleged Kickass Torrents (KAT) boss Artem Vaulin is built on data obtained from Apple, Facebook and Coinbase. The criminal complaint (PDF) against V... More