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CLV_logo_NEWAbout this Program
The Content Delivery and Security Association (then as IRMA) established the world’s first Anti-Piracy Compliance Program (APCP) for the manufacture optical media (CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs), analog media (tape, vinyl) and virtually every recording media format. This global initiative establishes strident manufacturing procedures and systems designed to reduce the risk of publishing pirated or unauthorized material.

CDSA developed the APCP in conjunction with an industry task force representing media manufacturers, content owners and their organizations from the film, music, games and software publishing sectors. It is the industry’s singular worldwide anti-piracy program supported and endorsed by the intellectual property community, manufacturers and government enforcement agencies.

An integral element of the APCP is the schedule of required internal audits and external surveillance audits conducted by independent ISO-certified auditors. Since its inception in 1999, the CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program has expanded to reflect changes in media technology and anti-piracy concerns at pre- and post-manufacturing points along the media market supply chain.

Did You Know?

  • No CDSA-APCP Plant, once certified, has been involved in a piracy law case, paid a fine or a settlement fee – a testimonial of the effectiveness of the APCP in preventing piracy and protecting intellectual property. That’s an important guideline for content owners seeking media manufacturers!
  • More than 100 media manufacturing plants worldwide participate in the APCP and represent 85% of the global recording media manufacturing capacity.

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