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Jailbreaking is Killing Your App Security (Irdeto Persepctive)

Software and data transformation to make reverse engineering difficult remains important, but in a war against hackers and competitors, a single line of protection is not enough ... More

Top 5 Reasons Phishing Attacks Haven’t Dried Up (Akamai Blog)

Phishing is still the attack beachhead for many of the cyberattacks we read about week in, week out. 20 years on from AOL being hit by hackers, businesses are still struggling to a... More

6 Ransomware Trends You Should Watch for in 2020 (Security Intelligence)

A ransomware infection can have a significant financial impact on an organization. American digital security and data backup firm Datto found that ransomware is costing businesses ... More

The Future’s Biggest Cybercrime Threat May Already Be Here (Dark Reading)

Current attacks will continue to be refined, and what may seem a weakness now could turn out to be a disaster.... More

Paradigm Shift Left VPNs, Edge Security Awaiting Long-Term Strategy (CIO Dive)

Akamai was in the process of redesigning its office space into a more open concept, when COVID-19 eliminated the office environment entirely, said Maha Pula, VP of Solutions Engine... More

COVID-19 Has Disrupted Cybersecurity, Too (Agenda)

Businesses know they must rapidly innovate, take advantage of new digital tools and leverage cloud services to emerge from the crisis ahead of their competitors with momentum for t... More

AIOps and Cybersecurity – The Power of AI in the Backend (TechHQ)

Too often the power of AI and machine learning is enjoyed by the product user in the form of benefits to UX, and not necessarily by the product-makers, who may still be reliant on ... More

Email is Still a Hacker’s Wonderland (CIO Dive)

Half of hacked email accounts are compromised for less than 24 hours, according to a new report. The majority of attackers, 78%, stayed within email accounts, suggesting cloud-base... More

IBM: Compromised Employee Accounts Led to Most Expensive Data Breaches Over Past Year (CDSA)

IBM Security announced the results of a global study examining the financial impact of data breaches, revealing that these incidents cost companies studied $3.86 million per breach... More