About Us

CDSA, the Content Delivery & Security Association (formerly IRMA, the International Recording Media Association), is the international content protection association. For over 40 years, it has served as the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content.

Founded in 1970, this global trade association’s membership includes companies involved in every facet along the digital and physical media supply chain.

Beginning with the audiocassette, through the home video revolution, and into today’s digital delivery era, CDSA has always been the organization companies have turned to for news, networking, market research, information services, and leadership.

In 2010 CDSA went under the management of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA). Due to worldwide acclaim for its anti-piracy and content protection standards, CDSA has focused its activities on protecting entertainment IP throughout the supply chain, both pre-release and post release content.

Beginning in 2010 all CDSA member companies receive reciprocal benefits as Associate Level members of MESA.