Trusted Partner Network Guardians Newsletter Launches


The industrywide Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — a content security initiative geared toward helping companies prevent leaks, breaches and hacks of pre-release film and TV content, by elevating the security standards of the industry’s production and distribution supply chain — launched its first newsletter Sept. 5, offering insights into the program, vendor news, frequently asked questions, and recent security and content protection stories popular in the industry.

The debut newsletter includes:

• “We’re All Guardians of Our Industry’s Content,” which details the TPN Guardians Program, a security education and collaboration network for individuals involved in content production and distribution.

• “Who’s Behind the TPN,” offering more insights into the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), which collectively represent 24 individual media and entertainment companies.

• “MPAA Best Practices Aligned with TPN Common Controls,” looking at the MPAA’s first update of its Content Security Best Practices since the formation of the TPN.

• “How Do I Get Started With the TPN?” and “Vendor Instructions,” along with “Tips and Tricks,” “Other TPN FAQs You Need to Know” and “TPN Tutorials,” all geared toward informing those involved with, and have questions about, the TPN program.

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