NAB Show: Industry’s Trusted Partner Network Debuts at Cyber Summit

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — a new content security initiative aimed at helping companies prevent leaks, breaches and hacks of pre-release film and TV content, by elevating the security standards of the industry’s production and distribution supply chain — will be discussed at length in the last session on April 8 at the Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit, during the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

A joint venture of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), TPN offers vendors a voluntary and cost-saving way to have the security preparedness of their facilities, staffs and workflows assessed, using industry best practices, by accredited and experienced assessors and consultants. TPN also aims to reduce the number of often-duplicative content owner audits film and TV vendors undergo every year.

“With the TPN, the MPAA member companies have collaborated with the independents and digital content platforms to expand and coordinate industry security assessments,” said Dan Robbins, TPN Chairman and SVP and associate general counsel for MPAA’s legal department. Robbins will be a speaker on the April 8 Summit panel “Industry Update: Introducing the Trusted Partner Network.”

“The TPN will grow the number of assessments conducted industry-wide, while saving vendors time and money, and ensuring that their facilities and systems meet industry-approved best practices,” he added.

Joining Robbins during the discussion will be Kurt Fischer, director of content security for the MPAA and COO of TPN, and Ben Stanbury, CDSA chairman and CTO of TPN. Guy Finley, CDSA’s executive director and CEO of TPN, will moderate the 5:15pm presentation which will be immediately followed by an open-forum Q&A for both content owners and vendors interested in learning more.

Also on tap at the Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit:

“Defending Against Disinformation and Social Media Manipulation,” a keynote from Jonathon Morgan, CEO of New Knowledge and founder of Data for Democracy.

• “10 Tips for a Successful Cyberaudit,” from Peter Brickman, CTO of WNET.

“When The Screen Goes Dark: Protecting Broadcasts in the Modern Age,” from Edmund Brumaghin, threat researcher with Cisco’s Talos Outreach.

“How to Avoid Making Cybersecurity News in 2018,” from Chris Taylor, founder and principle consultant of Taksati Consulting.

“Protecting Journalists in the Field,” a keynote from Rebecca MacKinnon, director of the Ranking Digital Rights project, senior research fellow with the New America Foundation, and board member with the Committee to Protect Journalists.

• “Everything You Need to Know about GDPR,” from Chris Johnson, CEO of Convergent Risks.

“Broadcast Cybersecurity and Vendor Systems, Software and Services,” from J.C. Lee, chairman of the North American Broadcasters’ Association Technical Committee.

“Limitless Creativity (Secure and on Schedule) in the Cloud,” from Joel Sloss, senior program manager for Microsoft Azure.

“Securing Your Pre-Release Workflow in the Cloud,” from Gabriel Cantin, product manager for NAGRA, with an introduction by Alain Durand, executive board member with the Digital Watermarking Alliance.

• “Securing the Chain: From Cloud Production to (Infinite) Distribution Platforms,” a panel featuring Jaclyn Knag, executive director of content security for Paramount Pictures, John Koscheka, EVP of OTT operations for BTI Studios L.A., and Christine Thomas, senior director of worldwide tech operations and strategic initiatives for Dolby.

The half-day, inaugural Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit event is being produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and the CDSA, in cooperation with the NAB Show.

Microsoft Azure, BTI Studios, Dolby, NAGRA, the Digital Watermarking Alliance and Convergent Risk are sponsoring the event. For more information, visit, or to register click here.