NAB Show: MESA Members Bring Content Protection, Security Solutions


By Jeff Berman and Chris Tribbey

Securing your content and defending against ever-evolving cyber threats are two of the most discussed topics in the media and entertainment space today. At the NAB Show, members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will be on hand to share how they’re approaching both topics.

Cisco, Fortium, Irdeto, NAGRA, and SHIFT are among the companies showing off content protection and security solutions at the show. Here’s a look at what they have on tap:

Cisco – At the NAB Show, Cisco will again be touting its IP networking and security solutions, as well as its overall Media Blueprint set of infrastructure and software solutions that it first unveiled at the show in 2016.

The media industry has been “one of the fastest adopters” of new technology, Yoav Schreiber, Cisco product marketing manager, told the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) in a recent briefing ahead of this year’s NAB. But he said: “It’s been a long process in terms of proving that IP can deliver the same quality and resiliency” that media companies are “used to” from traditional architectures and “without changing the workflow.”

The “good news,” however, is “there are plenty of customers that we’ve been working with and around the industry that are now adopting and already making the changes in their architectures to incorporate IP and different parts of cloud technology,” he said.

Some media organizations are already migrating live production to IP across broadcast centers, stadiums and trucks, as well as: evolving content distribution and collaboration with IP to engage audiences; accelerating media operations with content supply chains based on cloud and IP technology; and adopting security approaches across networks, data centers, devices and workflows, according to Cisco.

Schreiber told MESA: “What we’re really focusing on at NAB” this time is “how do we industrialize it? How do we make what has been a technology change and a technology adoption trajectory to be really industrialized in the sense that [it’s] plug-and-play and you know it’s going to work?”

Cisco has been “working behind the scenes with a lot of our partners that you’ll see at our booth – both demonstrating as well as integrating their technology or their components with our underlying infrastructure,” he said. “We’re going to have the involvement of a lot of these partners at our booth” during NAB and Cisco will have a presence with them at other booths also, he said, noting that Cisco and its partners will collectively communicate at the booths and in conference keynotes how the industry is moving towards more IP and cloud.

One of three Cisco Daily Keynote presentations is on “The IP Transition,” at 11 a.m. April 10.

“The IP transition has already unfolded in adjacent sectors — music and cable/broadband are two examples,” according to the keynote description at the NAB web site.

It went on: “Media and entertainment is the next logical step. It’s happening, and like everything else in the IP landscape, it’s happening fast. In a technological sense, it’s happening because IP is a more reliable, efficient and flexible way to process signals. In a business sense, it’s happening because ‘traditional broadcasters’ — which still generate 90 of the top 100 TV shows — want their content to behave more like Internet-styled video. In this session, key partners will join Cisco to review and discuss the latest updates to the IP Fabric for Media solution, industry standards and tent pole customer deployments.”

Speakers will include Bryan Bedford, global business development lead for Cisco’s Sports, Media & Retail, Digital Transformation & Industries Team, and Rahul Parameswaran, technical marketing engineer in Cisco’s Data Center Networking Unit. CMIP Debate Theater SU10804CM

Another Cisco keynote, “The Broadcaster Threat Landscape” at noon April 9, will feature speaker Edmund Brumaghin, threat researcher at Cisco’s Talos Business. According to the keynote description at the NAB web site: “The threat landscape is constantly evolving. As new methods and solutions for combating cyber threats are developed, threat actors will continue to evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures. This is one of the many reasons that solid threat intelligence is such an essential part of a sound cyber security strategy.

There are constantly new threats being faced by organizations globally across virtually every industry including broadcasting.

This presentation will provide an overview of the threat landscape, a description of the common types of attacks that are used to compromise organizations, as well as a discussion of the potential impact these attacks can have on business operations. Ransomware, worms, exploit kits, and malicious/phishing email campaigns will be discussed with specific examples provided in an attempt to provide an inside look at what is currently occurring within the threat landscape.”

The third Cisco keynote, “The Fate of Bespoke Machinery” at 11 a.m. April 11, will feature speakers including Cisco’s Bedford, Cisco architect Dave Desroches and Rajesh Gadiyar, CTO at Cisco partner Intel’s Network Platforms Group. Cisco and its partners will “discuss the triad of virtualization (including object storage), orchestration and automation and learn how gear is being optimized and cost savings realized,” according to the NAB web site’s description. CMIP Debate Theater SU10804CM

Cisco, SU8502CM, [email protected]


This year at the NAB Show, Fortium will be showing the new features of MediaSeal for “easier-to-use” file security for TV and film post production in sound and picture editing, localization and marketing, according to its CEO, Mathew Gilliat-Smith.

“Even behind firewalls, cybercrime is becoming more common and the threats of theft are greater,” he told the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA). “Also, ever-faster workflows can mean leaks from accidental distribution. File encryption for files at-rest, in motion and in-use means safely balancing security and risk, without impacting post-production workflows,” he said.

Fortium will provide demos at its Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) booth in the South Hall (Upper level), SU10603, as well as at the booth of partner Aspera, in the South Hall (Lower level), SL5910, Fortium said. Its MediaSeal encryption at-rest and on-the-fly protection is offered as a feature on Aspera’s high-speed file transfer and collaboration platform.

Fortium will detail at the NAB Show how organizations can keep content secure through with its range of both disc- and file-based security solutions, the company says at its web site.

In addition, Fortium will be taking part in Avid Connect in Las Vegas, April 6-8, and is a sponsor of the Avid security panel at 2 p.m. April 7 at the Wynn Hotel, Fortium said. You can find more details here:

On April 8, Fortium will also be participating in the CDSA Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit, at the Westgate, 1-6 p.m.

On April 9 at 4 p.m., Fortium will be taking part in a panel debate hosted by Connected Media IP, in the South Upper CMIP area of the LVCC. The debate is entitled “From the camera to the consumer — understanding how we can secure content in the world of OTT.”

On April 10, Fortium will host its own panel debate that it was still finalizing the details of, the company said. The event will be hosted by Adam Krentzman, its VP of business development, and will focus on the challenges facing post-studios when it comes to protecting media files, Fortium said, adding guests from production studios are already lined up to take part. SU10603, [email protected]


At the NAB Show, Irdeto will demonstrate its OTT Live Watermarking solution, technology that embeds the watermark on-the-fly, ensuring that illegal activity is detected and the source of the leak identified in a few minutes.

For operators and broadcasters adopting Irdeto’s watermarking solution, the integration point is moved to their just-in-time packager, meaning that their encoder stays the same. OTT Live Watermarking aims to merge the benefits of on-demand, head-end based watermarking with the fast detection times. Combined with Irdeto’s Piracy Control Services monitoring, the service promises to give broadcasters an effective way to protect their content. Wynn Salon Conference – C, [email protected]


Along with its turnkey, multi-DRM OTT solutions and end-to-end Android TV-based solution framework, NAGRA will showcase its anti-piracy services and watermarking offerings, which help content companies fight IPTV and Kodi add-on piracy, and protect live sports and entertainment content, leverage NexGuard watermarking for any OTT system and any workflow.

NAGRA will also have on hand its DVnor Organizer, a one-stop-shop for content management needs, giving client customers instant and secure access to content, including 4K and HDR, on any device with DVnor dSpree.

NAGRA will also be a featured presenter at CDSA Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit, at the Westgate, 1-6 p.m., in the session “Securing your Pre-Release Workflow in the Cloud” on April 8 at the Westgate. SU3424, [email protected]


SHIFT, the new software-as-a-service brand name born from the merger of video sharing tech company MediaSilo and file-sharing platform firm Wiredrive, will share the latest with its video collaboration solutions, streamlining the process of sharing and securing creative assets, making available tools that can be used across agencies, brands and post-production.

The SHIFT brand covers four flagship products: MediaSilo, the set of tools for secure video collaboration and pre-release content delivery to the post-production market; Wiredrive, used by agencies and creative professionals to review, curate and share content; SafeStream, an on-demand and real-time forensic watermarking service; and, a secure destination for the previewing of pre-release content. SL9205, [email protected]