Irdeto, Link Motion to Provide Automobile OEM’s a Complete Security, Safety Technology Platform (CDSA)


Link Motion has reached an agreement with Irdeto to integrate its new smartphone-based secure vehicle access and safety solution, Keystone, into the Link Motion CarBrain platform. Automobile OEMs that implement Link Motion’s CarBrain will now provide consumers with the simplicity they expect to safely manage and operate today’s connected cars and autonomous vehicles, especially in new ride-sharing business models.

“Consumers want simplicity in their lives and expect a safe driving experience whenever they get behind the wheel,” said Daniel Thunberg, Global Head, Connected Transport, Irdeto. “Keystone provides consumers with both the simplicity they desire and the safety and security they expect by combining their mobile phone, wallet/purse and car key into one smart mobile device. By integrating Keystone into their CarBrain, Link Motion is offering OEMs with one solution that addresses all of these consumer expectations while also enabling them to implement future-proof business models.”

“Traditional business models are rapidly changing with the development of the software-defined car and autonomous features,” said Pasi Nieminen, Vice President of Link Motion. “Most OEMs don’t want to source their technology offerings with multiple vendors, but rather integrate one technology platform that can deploy all offerings. By combining Keystone with CarBrain, we provide OEMs with a joint solution they want to ensure their product offerings keep up as OEM business models change. We also look forward to including these features in our own smart ride business as well.”

Announced in collaboration with Conjure at CES 2018, Keystone is a mobile phone enabled, fully secure, policy-based vehicle access, sharing and safety solution. By integrating the solution into the Link Motion CarBrain platform, OEMs are able to provide consumers with the ability to customize their driving experience by sharing keys with authenticated drivers, including teen drivers, family, friends, valets, parcel delivery people and many others while setting rules around the usage of the vehicle. From controlling the speed limit of the car, time of use, geolocation, trunk or glove box access, number of passengers in the vehicle and much more, car owners have the flexibility and freedom to customize their driving experience by enforcing vehicle usage policies.

Combining secure, tamper-proof policy management that prevents a multitude of potential vehicle hacks, Keystone provides car and fleet owners with the ability to securely and intuitively provision and manage a host of new car sharing/car riding experiences. From enabling the next-generation of autonomous fleets to the implementation of mobility-as-a-service and transportation-as-a-service, Keystone gives OEMs the freedom to implement these business models by ensuring their ability to securely manage and control the services offered in the vehicle. By integrating Keystone into its CarBrain, Link Motion is protecting policies assigned to vehicles and preventing tampering of vehicle software to enforce additional revenue streams for OEMs. In addition to security and robust performance standards, the Keystone solution also allows fleet and ride sharing companies to delight their customers by automatically activating preferred car settings based on their profile among other flexible and convenient settings.