Kroll Announces Exclusive Partnership With Red Canary (CDSA)


Kroll, a leader in risk mitigation, investigations, compliance, cyber resilience, security, and incident response solutions, has announced an exclusive partnership with Red Canary, a leader in continuous threat hunting and response solutions, that will provide clients with a powerful combination of people and technology to reduce the burden and impact of cyber threat detection and mitigation.

The new service, Kroll CyberDetectER Endpoint Powered by Red Canary, combines Red Canary’s advanced endpoint hunting and response capabilities with Kroll’s global and recognized expertise in investigating, managing, and mitigating cyber incidents and network intrusions.

“Clients around the globe trust Kroll to help identify, investigate, and mitigate complex cyber incidents; this partnership enables us to take our early detection and response capabilities to an even higher level,” said Jason Smolanoff, Senior Managing Director and Global Cyber Security Practice Leader for Kroll. “As cyber risk continues to increase, Kroll is raising the bar in ensuring our clients have the most advanced and innovative resources available to reduce their information security risks efficiently and effectively.”

“This partnership brings together two critical elements of an effective cyber security program – rapid identification and validation of actual threats, with seasoned incident responders at the ready to advise and assist organizations with containment and remediation,” said Marc Brawner, Principal in Kroll’s Cyber Security and Investigations Practice. “Kroll CyberDetectER® Endpoint Powered by Red Canary can supplement the capabilities of sophisticated internal cyber security teams burdened with alert review and triage, as well as provide an accessible, comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes that are looking to significantly enhance their cyber defense posture.”

“We’re excited to partner with Kroll to combine our hunting and operations expertise with Kroll’s deep experience mitigating information security risks for organizations worldwide,” said Keith McCammon, Red Canary’s Chief Security Officer. “After years of working together, our team has developed a great respect for the work that Kroll performs. Together, we share a fundamental and core belief that our respective organizations exist to help our clients improve their security. We are excited to strengthen our relationship and look forward to a very successful partnership.”