Vidder Selected by Verizon Enterprise Solutions for Software Defined Perimeter Managed Service Offering (CDSA)

Vidder today announced that its technology is a core part of the Verizon Enterprise Solutions Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) offering. Verizon publicly demonstrated the security capabilities of its new SDP service at Operation Convergent Response — a live-action disaster scenario demo for public safety officials — in June.

Vidder technology provisions connectivity at the application layer, as opposed to using traditional network-based access controls. Servers are hidden from users until trust is established. Attack surfaces are significantly reduced with a single layer of enforcement deployed seamlessly across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Managed security services for global enterprises need to merge with network services to address the demands of customized, highly complex and costly communications and application systems. While the adoption of mobile devices and public clouds has become the norm for today’s enterprises, they bring new demands not addressed by traditional security solutions.

Verizon’s new SDP service, powered by Vidder technology, helps enterprises prevent credential theft, malware propagation and server exploitation attacks across data center and cloud environments. Additionally, enterprises benefit from the agility and economics of complementary network services from Verizon, such as SD-WAN and Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI).

“Today’s digital, mobile, and virtual business applications continue to enhance collaboration and productivity, but they also increase potential exposure to security threats with each new endpoint,” said Jeffrey Schweitzer, chief innovation architect, Business Products & New Business Innovation for Verizon. “SDP helps reduce these risks by making critical applications and resources invisible to everyone until the end users and devices are authenticated and authorized.”

“The integration of Vidder technology with Verizon’s managed security and networking services creates a unified networking and security solution for global enterprises,” said Vidder CEO Mark Hoover. “The Verizon offering will help enterprises to increase agility, manage costs and contain risks.”

The Cloud Security Alliance tested Vidder’s SDP software over the course of five public and private hackathons. It survived 15 billion hacks from 104 different countries and there were no breaches at any level.