April 2016 was the Worst Month for Ransomware on Record in the U.S. (Enigma Software)


Ransomware in the US made up a bigger chunk of such threats in April than any other month on record. That’s according to data released today by ESG, makers of the anti-malware program SpyHunter.

The experts at ESG looked at more than 65 million malware infections detected by its software in the US since April 2013. They found that ransomware in April 2016 more than doubled the total from March 2016. Additionally, ransomware made up a larger percentage of overall infections in April than in any other month in the last three years.

Generally, ransomware infections threaten computer users with the destruction of data through encryption if they don’t pay a ransom to the crooks who created the infections. Several high profile cases of ransomware have made national and international headlines in the last few weeks as infections have hit hospitals, school districts, and other governmental offices.