Watson Proves a Fast Learner in Cybersecurity Test Run (IBM Security Intelligence)


When we first introduced IBM Watson to the security operations team at Smarttech, the analysts’ initial reaction was suspicion. Was this new partner there to make their lives easier or to take away their jobs?

The unease melted away within the first few weeks, however, as Watson not only earned their trust, but became a valued member of our security operations center (SOC). Watson showed that it could solve in minutes problems what would take days for humans to research. Far from threatening the analysts’ jobs, Watson has enriched our technical team’s work.

Smarttech provides managed security services (MSS) to organizations of all sizes around the globe. We struggle with the same problems of hiring and retaining qualified security professionals as anyone else. Expertise is expensive, and keeping researchers motivated means maintaining the delicate balance of challenging and interesting problems without drowning them in false alarms, a syndrome we call alert fatigue.