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Taking a Holistic Approach to Fighting Streaming Piracy (NAGRA Blog)

With so many providers, consumers are forced to effectively create their own bundles – often at greater cost than if it was still available through one provider. For some this �... More

NOS Taps NAGRA to Fight Soccer Piracy in Portugal (CDSA)

NAGRA and NOS are stepping up the fight against broadcast and streaming piracy of Benfica soccer league matches. NOS, which owns the rights to Benfica games and the distribution ri... More

NAGRA’s Tholen on Streaming Piracy: ‘Know Thy Enemy’

Pay TV operators pay a pretty penny to license the broadcast rights for big sporting events. And along with that comes the inevitability of some people stealing that live broadcast... More

World Cup Live Streaming Piracy Thrived on Social Media Platforms (Forbes)

According to reports, piracy of the final stages of the soccer World Cup in Russia thrived in social media. The problem is not just for content providers. Consumers can also suffer... More