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NFL Responds to Widespread Hack That Hijacked Social Media Accounts (Variety)

The NFL, a week before Super Bowl LIV, was targeted by a hacking collective that temporarily commandeered social media accounts across Twitter and other platforms for the league an... More

Social Media Platforms Increasingly Popular With Cybercriminals (Forbes)

Because it is free, easy to use, accessible throughout much of the world, and doesn’t require identity authentication, social media offers fraudsters a way to appear legitimate, ... More

World Cup Live Streaming Piracy Thrived on Social Media Platforms (Forbes)

According to reports, piracy of the final stages of the soccer World Cup in Russia thrived in social media. The problem is not just for content providers. Consumers can also suffer... More

M&E Day Keynotes to Address Power of Blockchain, Social Media

The keynote addresses have been set for the July 24 Media & Entertainment Day at the Microsoft Conference Center in New York, an event that covers three programs (Smart Content, Co... More

Live at NAB Show: M&E Defenses Against Social Media Manipulation Discussed at Cyber Summit

LAS VEGAS — Part of what makes humans tick is the belief in social consensus. If everyone’s saying it’s true, then we’re conditioned to believe it’s true. And according t... More

How Safe are Social Media Platforms? (Internet Security Central)

Just how safe are social media platforms? Social networking companies are known to spend millions of dollars to keep their users protected from hackers on the internet. With over ... More