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SHIFT’s Landauer: We’re ‘a Security Company That Makes Software’

JJ Landauer, information security analyst for SHIFT and Screeners.com, looks at his company in a unique way. “We’re a security company that makes software,” he said May 12, ... More

CPS 2019: SHIFT CTO Stresses Proper Vetting for Pre-Release Content

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Sharing pre-release content outside of your organization carries inherent risks, and Alex Nauda, CTO for workflow tech specialist SHIFT, began his breako... More

CPS 2019: SHIFT, Richey May Technology to Address Security Challenges

Sharing your pre-release content outside of your organization carries risks, but is an unavoidable truth due to many of the workflows that exist today. And from dailies, to work-in... More

3 Common Behaviors That Endanger Your Pre-Release Content (Shifting Perspective)

When it comes to pre-release content, all kinds of people representing all levels of tech and security savvy may have access to your most important content. A network may be sharin... More

How to Keep Your Film, TV Productions Safe in Cyberspace (Shifting Perspective)

According to the FBI, businesses in the United States lost $2.7 billion last year through data breaches. On a global scale, those losses were as much as $600 billion, and while al... More

NAB 2019: SHIFT Details ‘Mundane’ Content Threats; IBM Secures a Partner

LAS VEGAS — Alex Nauda, CTO for video collaboration firm SHIFT and Screeners.com, sees the big hacks and malware infections getting all the attention when it comes to the content... More

NAB 2019: MESA Members to Show Off Security, Content Protection Solutions

By Jeff Berman and Chris Tribbey - Members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) in the content protection and cybersecurity business will be on hand at this y... More