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Major Studios, Streamers Win Early Battle in War with TickBox (Hollywood Reporter)

Major Hollywood studios and streamers won an early battle in a copyright fight with TickBox on Tuesday. A California federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the strea... More

MPAA Lobbies Congress on Streaming Piracy Boxes (TorrentFreak)

As part of its quest to reduce piracy, the MPAA continues to spend money on its lobbying activities, hoping to sway lawmakers in its direction. While the lobbying talks take place... More

Tech Companies Have Spoken Out Against Using Kodi as a Piracy Scapegoat (Gizmodo)

These days Kodi, and Kodi Box are almost synonymous with streaming-based piracy - given how widespread the use of so-called Kodi boxes are. But Kodi isn't designed for piracy in mi... More