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7 Ways to Maximize Your Security Dollars (Dark Reading)

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Using the Cyberattacks on Other Firms to Drive Defensive Strategy (IM)

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M&E Journal: Mitigating Cyber Risks Through Military Strategies

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Amazon Web Services Adds New Services to Bolster Cloud Security (eWeek)

Amazon has announced a series of new security features for its cloud platform, providing users with enhanced capabilities to help protect S3 storage buckets and virtual private clo... More

Returning to ‘Business-as-Usual’ After a Digital Leak

By Peter Worrall, marketing and research director, Fortium Technologies - A recent spate of high profile hacks of digital film and television content has focused attention on the ... More

IBM: To Improve Network Security Efforts, We Can Learn a Lot from Ants

When it comes to network security areas including data and identity management, humans can learn a lot from insects – especially leafcutter ants, according to IBM Security associ... More

M&E Journal: Navigating the New Security and Privacy Frontier

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Content Protection Summit Speakers: M&E Security Remains a Moving Target

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Outloud Audio Adds Fortium’s MediaSeal for File Level Encryption

Digital content security solutions firm Fortium and its file encryption software software MediaSeal have been tapped by audio post production firm Outloud Audio to help protect fil... More

Roku Device Sales Blocked in Mexico on Piracy Concerns (Bloomberg)

Roku Inc. set-top boxes were pulled from the shelves of major department-store chains in Mexico after a court blocked sales of the devices, saying they could be hacked to let users... More