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DigitalFilm Tree: Remote Work Has ‘Emboldened’ Hackers

Working remotely with sensitive content assets used to be a rare luxury for creative professionals. Today it’s a necessity. And yet while the global pandemic seen the M&E indus... More

The Only Constant is Change – Rethinking Secure Access for a New Workforce (Akamai Blog)

It seems like a long time ago now when IT teams had their annual strategy meeting, where topics related to network modernization with SASE or SD-WANs, threat prevention, and cloud ... More

IBM Security: New Work-From Employees Pose Security Risk

Before COVID-19 sent employees out of offices and into their homes to get work done, roughly four out of five workers had either rarely worked from home or not at all before the pa... More

M&E Companies are Overcoming Pandemic Security Challenges and Adapting

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic at a regional, national and global level, media and entertainment companies have been working diligently to overcome security and oth... More

Use of Cloud Collaboration Tools Surges and so do Attacks (CSO)

Some industries have seen increases in cloud-related threat events rise as much as 1,350% since the COVID-19 crisis began.... More

Microsoft Azure’s Sloss Details the Tools Needed for the ‘New Normal’

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, would studios even remotely consider allowing their most valuable content assets be almost completely worked on, well, remotely? Joel Sloss, senior p... More

As Remote Work Becomes the Norm, Security Fight Moves to Cloud, Endpoints (Dark Reading)

A majority of firms expect to keep more employees working remotely post-pandemic, forcing businesses to undertake more comprehensive digital and cloud transformations.... More

Business Continuity and Security in a Remote Work Era (Illumio Blog)

The unprecedented social distancing measures have created a unique and somewhat unexpected challenge for many IT and risk teams. Business Continuity Planning strategies often cente... More

Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit to Focus on Securing Today’s Remote Reality

Just a couple months ago, work-from-home was a nice-to-have option — one treated with skepticism by executives — for those in the media and entertainment space. The COVID-19 pa... More

Cyberhaven Survey: Lack of Awareness, Cloud App Usage, Remote Workers Create Perfect Storm for Insider Attacks (CDSA)

According to a new survey from Cyberhaven, 51% of organizations lack sufficient data protection strategies to detect and prevent insider threats. As employees shift to remote work,... More