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Ransomware is Big Business, and Malware Developers are Cashing In (ZDNet)

The total value of ransomware sales on dark web market places has rocketed from $250,000 to over $6m in just a year, as demand for the file-encrypting malware grows. Ransomware ha... More

Report: SMBs Paid $301M to Ransomware Hackers Last Year (TechRepublic)

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) paid ransomware hackers $301 million in 2016 to decrypt critical files—and 99% predict that these attacks will continue to rise in the n... More

The Best Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection May Not Be Enough (CSO)

Traditional signature-based anti-virus is notoriously bad at stopping newer threats such as zero-day malware and ransomware, but it still has a place in the enterprise, experts say... More

The Rise and Rise of Cybercrime as a Service (CSO)

When cybercriminals wanted to launch cyberattacks, they once had to know how to code. No longer. Bad actors can now search among any number of underground online sites to buy or le... More

Four Strategies To Prevent Data Encryption From Hijacking Your Network (InfoSecurityBuzz)

While encryption can keep your network traffic safe from hackers, it can also prevent your security and monitoring tools from seeing inside the packets crossing your network. Knowi... More

Caringo: Object Storage Helps Protect Data from Ransomware

Amid concerns over high-profile ransomware attacks, protecting data is a growing concern for many organizations. Object storage solutions may offer some relief. That’s according... More

IBM: 6 Ways Businesses Can Protect Against Ransomware Like Petya (Forbes)

On June 27, organizations in over 65 countries reported they had been infected with Petya ransomware. Petya ransomware was first discovered in March 2016, and like most malware, it... More

Your SaaS Provider May Not Have Your Security Covered (SC Media)

As the first decade of cloud computing draws to a close, confidence in the way SaaS- and cloud service providers manage data protection and security is very high. Occasionally surv... More

Protecting Your Organization from Ransomware (Avanade Insights)

Ransomware has been making big news in the last week.  The cruel reality of the global ransomware attack that crippled computer systems in 150 countries is that the attackers took... More

10 Ways to Protect Your Windows Computers Against Ransomware (TechRepublic)

Malware has been around for decades now. And as our reliance on computing systems has grown, so too has malware proliferation. While antivirus applications were once the key elemen... More