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Email is Still a Hacker’s Wonderland (CIO Dive)

Half of hacked email accounts are compromised for less than 24 hours, according to a new report. The majority of attackers, 78%, stayed within email accounts, suggesting cloud-base... More

The Future of Location Data and Smartphone Tracking (CPO)

The notion that governments and corporate giants are capable of exercising their technological might in order to monitor the behavior of ordinary people is nothing new. However, th... More

Digital Privacy After Death: What Happens to Social Media Accounts When We Die (Verdict)

People have chased immortality since ancient times. Now, social media gives them a new way to simulate it. But, some experts say this poses threats to our data – and they think w... More

Why Biometric Security is the Future (Visual Capitalist)

With nearly eight billion people on the planet — and more than half of them on internet — verifying who’s who is one of the great technological challenges of our time. To mee... More

Streaming Services Reckon With Password-Sharing ‘Havoc (THR)

Password sharing has serious economic consequences. In 2019, companies lost about $9.1 billion to password piracy and sharing, and that will rise to $12.5 billion in 2024, accordin... More

CES 2020: Apple, Facebook Sing From the Same Consumer Privacy Songbook (Forbes)

Facebook and Apple, which have spent more than a year sparring over privacy, adopted an astoundingly civil tone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — singing from the s... More

California AG: Privacy Law Enforcement to be Guided by Willingness to Comply (Reuters)

California’s attorney general is not planning an extension of a Jan. 1 deadline to comply with the state’s new digital privacy law but said enforcement efforts by his office wi... More

Contract for Web Can’t Fix Privacy Problems If Security Isn’t Included (Decipher)

The inventor of the World Wide Web wants the Contract for the Web to be a first step towards addressing problems such as misinformation, mass surveillance and censorship online, bu... More

Twitter Launches a Privacy Center to Centralize its Data Protection Efforts (TechCrunch)

Twitter is launching a new resource that aims to serve as the central place for everything related to the company’s efforts around privacy and data protection. The new site, the ... More

Google Will Pay You $1M If You Can Hack Its Phones (Forbes)

Google will match Apple in how much it will pay researchers who discover a hack that allows for remote control of its smartphones. It comes at a time when tech giants are in an arm... More