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To Compete With Netflix, Online Piracy is Upping its Game (Wired UK)

While on-demand streaming services need to have their own original content to attract audiences, the fragmentation of content across competing services can mean someone who loves G... More

Motion Picture Industry Presses for Federal Crackdown on Streaming Piracy (MediaPost)

The motion picture industry is pressing the federal government to bring criminal prosecutions against companies that create and distribute over-the-top devices that enable people t... More

Millions Watch Second Presidential Debate on Illegal Streams (Forbes)

TV viewership for the second presidential debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was lower than for the first one, when 84 million viewers tuned in. But it ma... More

Study: Millennial Piracy Trends Shifting (Broadcasting & Cable)

Nearly 70% of young millennials (ages 18 to 24) admit they use at least one form of piracy, but how they steal content has changed compared to years past, with a vast majority us... More

Stop Piracy? Legal Alternatives Beat Legal Threats, Research Shows (TorrentFreak)

The RIAA recently announced the biggest growth in recorded music sales since the late 1990s, a healthy 8.1% increase compared to the year before. The record numbers were achiev... More

MPAA: Early ‘Trusted Notifier’ Anti-Piracy Results Promising

In February, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced a partnership with Donuts Inc., which operates close to 200 domain name extensions, including .MOVIE and .TH... More

How BBC Responded to Piracy: Create a Culture of Security

In mid 2014, James Hurrell got a call no content executive ever wants to receive. The premier content operations manager at BBC Worldwide was informed that five scripts and unfini... More