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Inside the Development of Netflix Stethoscope (Decipher)

One of the major challenges facing many organizations, even technically sophisticated ones with mature security groups, is securely configuring endpoints and ensuring they stay tha... More

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Paying a Steep Price to Battle Piracy (Forbes)

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are winning the battle against pirates who aim to steal their content, according to a recent research report. Meanwhile, new fea... More

Netflix is Fine With Password Sharing, But it’s Going After Piracy Now (BGR)

Netflix makes some of the most popular TV shows out there, having more hits on its hands than most traditional networks. That’s why I’m perfectly fine with the price. You get t... More

Amazon, Netflix, Studios Sue Over TickBox Streaming Device (Ars Technica)

Movie studios, Netflix, and Amazon have banded together to file a first-of-its-kind copyright lawsuit against a streaming media player called TickBox TV. The complaint (PDF), fi... More

Narcos’ Cali Cartel Threatens to ‘Kill’ Illegal Downloaders (TorrentFreak)

Netflix offers a great alternative to piracy, and for dozens of millions of people it’s a favorite pastime. Since Netflix’s priorities are shifting more to the production of o... More

Featured Jobs: Box; Avanade; Netflix

Security Engineer, Architecture — San Francisco — Box Azure System Engineer — Seattle — Avanade Engineering Leader, Application Security — Los Gatos, CA — Netf... More

Featured Jobs: Hulu; Technicolor; NSS Labs

Application Security Engineer — Santa Monica, CA — Hulu Content Security Manager — Burbank, CA — Technicolor Technicolor Product Manager — Austin, TX — NSS Labs... More

Featured Jobs: Netflix; DXC Technology; Box

Engineering Leader, App Security — Los Gatos, CA — Netflix Senior Cyber Security Specialist — Quantico, VA — DXC Technology Product Manager, Mobile Security — Redwo... More

A Deal With the Dark Overlord: These Are the Rules Imposed by the Hollywood Hackers (The Wrap)

When the hackers known as The Dark Overlord stole the latest season of “Orange is the New Black,” they sent a list of demands — but not the way you might expect. The Dark Ov... More

Netflix Shows How to Win the Piracy Wars (New York Post)

A hacker who unsuccessfully tried to hold Netflix for ransom has achieved an unexpected result: His failure shows that subscription-based business models in content distribution is... More