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Music Piracy is Going Old School in the Age of COVID-19 (Rolling Stone)

When the global COVID-19 quarantine is over — cautiously, carefully, over — the dust will begin to settle on some dramatic changes in the music business, with some big question... More

Study: One-Third of All Young People Use Stream Ripping to Steal Music (Variety)

A new report on global music consumption includes some encouraging figures about the increased adoption of legal streaming, but there are alarming numbers about the everyday accept... More

Major Labels Sue YouTube Ripping Site (BBC)

The world's biggest record labels are suing a website that allows users to download the audio from YouTube videos. Universal, Sony, Warner Bros and other labels launched legal acti... More

Stop Piracy? Legal Alternatives Beat Legal Threats, Research Shows (TorrentFreak)

The RIAA recently announced the biggest growth in recorded music sales since the late 1990s, a healthy 8.1% increase compared to the year before. The record numbers were achiev... More