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Will Fileless Malware Push the Antivirus Industry into Oblivion? (HelpNetSecurity)

The death of antivirus has been prophesied for years now, but the AV industry is still alive and kicking. SentinelOne, though, believes that in-memory resident attacks, i.e. filele... More

Customized Malware: Confronting an Invisible Threat (Dark Reading)

How secure is your network from unauthorized access? Before you launch into a practiced response regarding your best-in-class firewall and robust antivirus software, you should kno... More

Google Ranks Gmail Malware Targets: Where the M&E Sector Ranks (ZDNet)

Real-estate businesses receive 10 times more spam with malicious links or attachments than organizations in healthcare and sciences, according to Google's  analysis of spam targ... More

KillDisk Disk-Wiping Malware Adds Ransomware Component (Bleeping Computer)

A malware family previously used to sabotage computers by deleting and rewriting files has added a ransomware component, now encrypting files and demanding a huge ransom. Until no... More

Companies Should Understand Where Cybercrime Thrives (Harvard Business Review)

As global cybercrime increases, governments and businesses are struggling to keep up with the threats they are facing. Because of the changing and innovative methods of attack bein... More

Malware That Infiltrates Corporate Networks Spreading (PC World)

An Android malware is spreading across app stores, including Google Play, and has the capability of stealing sensitive files from corporate networks. DressCode, a family of Androi... More

40% of Facebook Users Click on Phishy Links. Do You? (Naked Security)

A new study has found that up to 56% of email recipients and about 40% of Facebook users clicked on a link from an unknown sender that could have been crawling with malware, for al... More

Espionage Malware Penetrates Air-Gapped Networks (Bank Info Security)

Security researchers are warning that they've discovered a highly advanced and targeted cyber-espionage campaign that appears to have been running since 2011, and which remains act... More

Pokemon Go Malware: Silently Clicking on Porn Ads You Can’t See (The Register)

Security firms have repeated warnings that unofficial versions of Pokemon Go are likely tainted with spyware or trojans. RiskIQ has found more than 215 unofficial versions of the ... More

The Rising Tide of Android Malware (Info Security)

The explosive growth of mobile endpoints in the workplace has caused concern for IT teams since day one. After all, mobile devices are easily lost or stolen, and it’s difficult t... More