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Tech Companies Have Spoken Out Against Using Kodi as a Piracy Scapegoat (Gizmodo)

These days Kodi, and Kodi Box are almost synonymous with streaming-based piracy - given how widespread the use of so-called Kodi boxes are. But Kodi isn't designed for piracy in mi... More

A Million Piracy-Enabled Kodi Boxes Sold in U.K. Show Pirates Not Yet Sunk (TechRadar)

Kodi is a fantastic piece of open-source software for streaming content that you own onto a TV, but its versatility has lead to a huge market for people to modify it to stream cont... More

Following the Kodi Crackdown (OTT2)

In the media industry, there’s no dirtier word right now than “Kodi.” The popular media management software is under siege, and the once vibrant ecosystem that supported it i... More