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ISP to Customers: Piracy Allegations Could Affect Your Smart Thermostats (TechSpot)

Internet service providers threatening customers who persistently download files via torrents is nothing new. But one US ISP has warned copyright infringers that if they don’t st... More

Carnegie Mellon’s Smith: Changing Piracy Behavior No Easy Task

When a recent summer blockbuster hit theaters, pirated copies of the film were available the very next day, and yet some news reports said the box office performance of the film ha... More

Copyright Alert System Comes to an End (MCN)

The Copyright Alert System, a voluntary program started in February 2013 that involved several major ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, the Motion Picture Association of A... More

RIAA, MPAA Back $25 Million Piracy Verdict Against Cox (TorrentFreak)

Several entertainment industry associations including the MPAA and RIAA have submitted their opinions in the landmark piracy case between Cox Communications and BMG. Contrary to t... More

Will Site Blocking Stop Internet Pirates in Australia? (CIO)

In an Australian first, the Federal Court has granted injunctions that will see the country’s major internet service providers compelled to block several websites used to illegal... More

U.K. ISPs to Start Sending ‘Piracy Alerts’ Soon (TorrentFreak)

Early 2017 will see the long-awaited start of a broad UK anti-piracy effort. With help from copyright holders, ISPs will send email notifications to subscribers whose connections ... More