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Dish Network Files Two Lawsuits Against Pirate IPTV Providers (TorrentFreak)

Dish Network, a leading U.S. TV provider with more than 13 million subscribers, is continuing its crackdown on unauthorized streaming services. In a pair of lawsuits filed in Mary... More

IPTV Piracy Generates More Internet Traffic Than Torrents (TorrentFreak)

Increasingly, people are trading in their expensive cable subscriptions, opting to use cheaper or free Internet TV instead. This is made easy and convenient with help from a varie... More

Court Holds U.S. Retailer Accountable for Promoting Piracy by Selling IPTV Streaming Devices with Unauthorized Channels (CDSA)

A bankruptcy court in Florida has ruled that Amit Bhalla, a retailer of IPTV streaming devices with unauthorized channels, cannot use a bankruptcy case to shield himself from monet... More

IPTV: Mass Piracy That’s Flying Largely Under The Radar (TorrentFreak)

Kodi and its third party 'pirate' addons have been getting an awful lot of press this year but there's a hidden side to streaming that receives much less attention. Enter the world... More