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Cybersecurity’s Small Presence at CES (Cyber Scoop)

An oft-repeated factoid about the Internet of Things is Cisco Systems’ estimate that 50 billion “smart” devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. It felt like all 5... More

The FTC’s Internet of Things (IoT) Challenge (Krebs on Security)

One of the biggest cybersecurity stories of 2016 was the surge in online attacks caused by poorly-secured “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as Internet routers, security ... More

Drones, IoT Influencing Information Security Regulations (TechTarget)

At the recent ISSA International Conference in Dallas, SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole met with conference speakers to discuss modern data protection threats and how they influenc... More

ISE’s Harrington: Beware IoT ‘Stepping Stone’ Attacks (Tech Central)

A recent webinar hosted by The Security Ledger entitled: “Who Let the IoT in?: Finding and securing wireless devices in your environment,” was designed to offer some advance ... More

Researchers Find Fresh Fodder for IoT Attack Cannons (Krebs on Security)

New research published this week could provide plenty of fresh fodder for Mirai, a malware strain that enslaves poorly-secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices for use in power... More

IoT Growing Faster Than the Ability to Defend It (Scientific American)

With this year’s approaching holiday gift season the rapidly growing “Internet of Things” or IoT—which was exploited to help shut down parts of the Web this past Friday—i... More

Study: IoT Threats to See Cyber Security Funding Jump

By Chris Tribbey The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) will also resulting in the rise of cyber threats, and that means more venture funding in the world of cyber security, acc... More