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IBM X-Force: Phishing Down, Credential Attacks Up in 2019

Phishing as a successful, initial infection vector was reported in less than a third of cyber incidents (31%) against businesses in 2019, compared to half in 2018, but scanning and... More

Postal Peril: How Warshipping Could Deliver Hackers Right to Your Front Door (Verdict)

The US Postal Service handles half a billion mail items every day, and with the rise of next-day delivery, company mailrooms around the globe are almost always piled high with unid... More

CPS 2019: IBM Offers a Deep Dive on Making Your Journey to the Cloud Secure

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — A complete security program is required to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of our critical data and the infrastructure that holds it... More

CPS 2019: IBM, Convergent Risks to Look at State of Cloud Security

Attendees of the Dec. 4 Content Protection Summit (CPS) in Los Angeles will walk away better informed on the industry’s state of cloud security, thanks to a pair of breakout sess... More

Skills Gap in Cybersecurity Must be Addressed (Business Mirror)

The global community will need more cyber-security experts as challenges on cyber security are getting bigger and becoming more complicated, according to a top official at IBM. “... More

5G Will Change How We Manage Mobile Security – Here’s How to Start Preparing (Security Intelligence)

Every once in a while, a new technology is unleashed that changes our lives. The wheel, the steam engine and the internet are just some examples that had a profound effect. 5G coul... More

IBM: Automation is the Next Big Step in Cybersecurity (IA)

The fourth IBM cybersecurity survey reveals how unprepared companies are for a cyber attack. Despite widespread acknowledgement that a strong cyber security response plan can save ... More

The Business of Organized Cybercrime: Rising Intergang Collaboration in 2018 (Security Intelligence)

Banking Trojans and the gangs that operate them continue to plague banks, individuals and organizations with fraudulent transactions facilitated by malware and social engineering s... More

IBM’s Mary O’Brien on Global Security Challenges (GovInfoSecurity)

Video: IBM Security GM Mary O'Brien talks about her first year in this role, addressing the skills crisis, application security, the cloud and how to defend against cyberattacks in... More

An Apple a Day Won’t Improve Your Security Hygiene, But a Cyber Doctor Might (Security Intelligence)

With the deployment of 5G on the way — which will spark an explosion of internet of things devices everywhere — today’s Big Data era may end up as a molehill in terms of data... More