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Email is Still a Hacker’s Wonderland (CIO Dive)

Half of hacked email accounts are compromised for less than 24 hours, according to a new report. The majority of attackers, 78%, stayed within email accounts, suggesting cloud-base... More

Hackers Will Lurk in Your Email for More Than a Week After Breaking in (Tech Republic)

Beware - cybercriminals could be spending days rooting around in employee inboxes for information they can sell to other crooks, or use to mount further attacks. ... More

Hackers Can Now Trick USB Chargers to Destroy Your Devices – This is How it Works (Forbes)

Not all cyber attacks focus on data theft. Sometimes the intent is “to achieve destruction of the physical world through digital means,” Chinese tech giant Tencent warns. The c... More

Hackers Smell Blood as Crisis Exposes Cyber Vulnerabilities (Raconteur)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt supply chains the world over, cyber criminals will be on the prowl for vulnerable third parties as a way of gaining access to more luc... More

The Four Most Popular Methods Hackers Use to Spread Ransomware (IT Pro Portal)

Organizations from COSCO to FedEx, local governments from Atlanta to Alaska, and several hospitals and law firms around the world all share a common, jarring experience - in the pa... More

Here’s What Hackers Do With All Your Stolen Passwords (Forbes)

Hackers are constantly scouring the Internet for their next target. One of their favorite things to attack is a vulnerable database server. That's because such servers store all ki... More

Hackers Cast Out 300% More Phishing Attacks Via Messages (CBR)

There has never been a time when more cybersecurity caution has been required when traversing the online world, with the volume of messages carrying malicious phishing payloads spi... More

How Facebook’s Annual ‘Hacktober’ Campaign Promotes Cybersecurity to Employees (HBR)

While the word “cybersecurity” may evoke thoughts of highly sophisticated attacks that require fancy computing equipment and skilled hackers, the reality is that most attacks ... More

Four Ways You Can Get Hacked Through Your Smartphone (Yahoo! Finance)

The relationship between smartphones and securing personal information can be complicated. On the one hand, banking and payment apps have made it easier than ever to stay on top of... More

Hackers Claim to Have Personal Info of Millions of Instagram Accounts, Including Celebs (TechCrunch)

A group of hackers used a bug earlier this week to scrape the phone numbers and email addresses of six million Instagram accounts and are now selling that information on the web. T... More