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Freelance Hackers Get Paid $500K a Year to Test Defenses of Companies (CNBC)

Freelance elite hackers can make more than $500,000 a year searching for security flaws and reporting those issues at big companies like Tesla and organizations like the Department... More

Hackers Account for 90% of Login Attempts at Online Retailers (Quartz)

Selling stolen personal data is a big business for hackers: Somewhere on the dark web, your e-mail address and a few passwords are probably for sale (hopefully, old ones). Cyber cr... More

Hacking Back: Is It a Good Idea? (Raconteur)

Malicious hackers constantly attack our IT systems. Spiralling streams of malevolent code are sent down the highways, byways and intersections of the internet every day. This shoul... More

How to Catch Hackers? Old-School Sleuthing, With a Digital Twist (NYT)

Bank robbers wear masks and escape in vans with stolen license plates. Kidnappers compose ransom letters from newsprint to elude handwriting experts. Burglars target houses with th... More