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Google Makes it Easier for G Suite Admins to Investigate Security Breaches (TechCrunch)

Google is announcing a fair number of updates to G Suite at its Next conference today, most of which focus on the user experience. In addition to those, though, the company also la... More

Google Exec: Pure Cloud-Native Solution Helps Mitigate Security Risks

A “pure-cloud native” data storage solution can help mitigate the many security risks that companies increasingly face today, according to Reena Nadkarni, head of product manag... More

Google Adds Security Features to Gmail (Dark Reading)

Google announced a wave of G Suite updates, most of which focus on Gmail. The email service is getting a new Web look, advanced security features, artificial intelligence applicati... More

How Looming Privacy Regulations May Strengthen Facebook and Google (NY Times)

In Europe and the United States, the conventional wisdom is that regulation is needed to force Silicon Valley’s digital giants to respect people’s online privacy. But new rule... More

Google Beefs Up Cloud Security, Data Privacy Tools (PCMag)

Google has unveiled a slew of new business-focused data privacy and threat protection offerings, bolstering its cybersecurity arsenal in the never-ending war to stay ahead of attac... More

Google’s Chrome to Flag All HTTP Pages as ‘Not Secure’ (PCMag)

Google will take its efforts to shame website owners into encrypting their traffic up another notch this July with the release of Chrome 68. At that point, Chrome will label all w... More

Google to Stop Trusting Current Symantec Certificates: What Tech Pros Need to Know (TechRepublic)

Earlier this year, Google announced a plan to stop trusting existing Symantec SSL certificates, which are used to authenticate and encrypt data, due to concerns about the way these... More

Google’s Amazingly Simple Plan to Destroy Piracy Forever (Digital Music News)

Google is the devil.  And so is YouTube.  Because, a bunch of music industry executives told me that. And hey, they have a point: Google exploits more loopholes than a Bahamian ... More

Google Anti-Piracy Agreement Will Target Domain Hopping, Share Search Data (TorrentFreak)

More details surrounding the voluntary anti-piracy agreement between Google, Bing, and major rightsholders have emerged. In addition to efforts to mitigate pirate sites' efforts t... More

Search Engines, Copyright Holders Ready Voluntary Anti-Piracy Code (TorrentFreak)

For several years the entertainment industries have blamed companies like Google for not doing enough to prevent instances of Internet piracy. At times, Google has even been accuse... More