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Google Spent a Record Sum Rewarding Researchers for Hacking its Products (Engadget)

Google is not messing around when it comes to its bug bounty program. Last year it paid out $6.5 million to researchers that reported vulnerabilities -- almost double the $3.4 mill... More

Google Now Treats iPhones as Physical Security Keys (The Verge)

The latest update to Google’s Smart Lock app on iOS means you can now use your iPhone as a physical 2FA security key for logging into Google’s first-party services in Chrome. O... More

Google Will Pay You $1M If You Can Hack Its Phones (Forbes)

Google will match Apple in how much it will pay researchers who discover a hack that allows for remote control of its smartphones. It comes at a time when tech giants are in an arm... More

Google Rolls Out Updated Privacy Tools for YouTube (Billboard)

Google is rolling out more tools for users to control their privacy settings. Now, YouTube users will be able to set their search and viewing histories to auto-delete after a set p... More

Google to Set Up a European Tech Hub to Deal With Data Privacy (CNBC)

Google will more than double its team of privacy experts in Germany as Europe looks to ramp up regulation of Big Tech and user data. CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a blog post on T... More

Facebook Talked Privacy, Google Actually Built It (TechCrunch)

At Google’s I/O, we saw demos from Pichai showing how “our work on privacy and security is never done. And we want to do more to stay ahead of constantly evolving user expectat... More

Google Debuts Policy Intelligence, AI for Cloud Governance (VentureBeat)

Google Cloud today introduced Policy Intelligence in beta, a series of AI-powered features designed to suggest actions by administrators aimed at improving security for organizatio... More

Google Streamlines Two-Step Verification With Security Keys (Engadget)

Google just made it easier to lock down your account if you're a G Suite user. The internet giant is trotting out a series of updates for two-step verification, starting with the i... More

Google Creates New Framework for Data Protection (Tech HQ)

Data is the lifeblood of today’s world of business. It helps companies customize their products and services, optimize their processes, and transform their operations. However, c... More

Google Cloud Security Updates Aim to Protect High-Value Users (DCK)

Google made several cloud security related announcements on Wednesday at Google Cloud Next, including context-aware access for Cloud Identity and Access Management, Cloud Identity-... More