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Edgescan, Richey May Technology Solutions Join Forces (CDSA)

Cloud-based vulnerability management and penetration testing specialist Edgescan and consulting and managed services firm Richey May Technology Solutions have partnered up, with Ri... More

HITS Fall: Edgescan COO to Talk Vulnerability Landscape

One of the basic tenants of a security function for any media and entertainment organization is vulnerability management, figuring out your risk exposure. But what may sound simpl... More

Edgescan Employees Talk Cybersecurity, New Career Opportunities (Infosecurity)

Ireland has been pushing to become a Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, but this can only be achieved with the right talent. Two recent graduates landed jobs with local vulnerabi... More

M&E Journal: Better Data Means Better Security

By Rahim Jina, COO and Co-Founder, edgescan - Data, data everywhere but few bits still of use. This is one big problem that today’s organizations, no matter what size, struggle ... More

edgescan CEO: ‘Move the Cybersecurity Dial’ on Vulnerabilities, Patching (Infosecurity)

Speaking at Infosecurity Europe, edgescan CEO Eoin Keary talked about “moving the cybersecurity dial” when it comes to vulnerabilities and patching. Referring to statistics tha... More

2019 edgescan Report Finds Old Vulnerability Problems Remain Cybersecurity Challenges

With all the progress made in confronting cybersecurity challenges in today’s constantly-connected environment, you’d think vulnerabilities introduced two decades ago would no ... More