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Somehow, I Manage: What Do You Do When Every Device is Mobile? (Forbes)

It’s really no secret in 2020 that remote work, for lack of a better term, works. Employees want access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere, whether on a company-owned devic... More

Cinelytic CEO Looks to Make Most of P2P Piracy Data

Most media and entertainment companies lack insights into global OTT audiences, despite how fast the business is growing. The industry spends $200 billion annually making and mar... More

Cinelytic CEO: Finding the Silver (Data) Lining in Pervasive Piracy

LOS ANGELES — Nobody in the industry is a fan of piracy and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. It’s billions out of the pockets of content owners, creators, and everyone associat... More

Cinelytic: P2P File Sharing Shows OTT Demand, Demographics (DEG)

As competition for streaming viewers grows with the launch of new services from the major media companies, the entire industry is focused on what content consumers most want from t... More

A Secret Weapon to Prevent Data Breaches (Chief Executive)

Getting ISO certification has its challenges, but it assures all stakeholders that the company is better defended—and better prepared should the worst happen.... More

Data Hijacking: Will There Be a Bounty on Your Data? (CPO)

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, regulators, organizations, and consumers alike are starting to witness a revolution. When it comes to privacy and security matters, th... More

Why 2020 is the Year of the Data Protection Officer and How to Deal With the Skills Shortage (Verdict)

Data privacy enforcement agencies around the world are ramping up judgements and penalties, while cybercriminals are doubling down with new ways to break into networks. With the du... More

Twitter Launches a Privacy Center to Centralize its Data Protection Efforts (TechCrunch)

Twitter is launching a new resource that aims to serve as the central place for everything related to the company’s efforts around privacy and data protection. The new site, the ... More

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Mobilizes in Support of Facial Recognition Technology (CPO)

Clearly alarmed by shifting public perceptions about facial recognition technology and the potential for state and local governments to impose an outright ban on the use of such te... More

A Controversial Plan to Encrypt More of the Internet (Wired)

The security community generally agrees on the importance of encrypting private data: Add a passcode to your smartphone. Use a secure messaging app like Signal. Adopt HTTPS web enc... More