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Malicious Coronavirus Domains Capitalize on Reopening Economies (Verdict)

Cybercriminals are known to adapt their scams to take advantage of the latest crisis and the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has been no different. Throughout the pandemic, criminals... More

Cybercriminals Using Commercial ‘Crypter’ to Smuggle Malware Into Cloud Storage (IT Pro Portal)

A known cybercriminal group has altered its tactics to target cloud storage services and better avoid detection, according to new research.... More

Cybercriminals are Exploiting Fears of the Pandemic to Steal Personal Information (CNBC)

Hackers are taking advantage of the disruption and fears caused by the pandemic to steal personal information from people, cybersecurity experts told CNBC. Most countries have ste... More

Akamai: Cybercriminals are Attacking APIs at Financial Services Firms (VentureBeat)

Akamai research highlights a troubling trend: Cybercriminals are targeting applications programming interfaces (APIs) at financial services firms. In the “Akamai 2020 State of th... More

Why Sharing Threat Intelligence is Vital to Cybersecurity (Tech HQ)

In August 2019, the World Economic Forum argued that cybersecurity should be framed as a “public good.” With technology at the heart of many of our lives, we all face an ever-i... More

Retailers Brace for Black Friday Cybersecurity Onslaught (Tech HQ)

Amid the high volume of sales, threat actors can take advantage of the glut of retail emails to seed spear-phishing attacks, while increased transactions provide a smokescreen for ... More

Dark Times Ahead as Cybercriminals Target Power Grids (Verdict)

Power grids in particular are being targeted by state-sponsored cybercriminals, with the intention of causing outages that could bring victimised regions to a screeching halt. Iron... More

Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage of Tax Season (Verdict)

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the tax season to trick businesses into downloading malicious files, according to cybersecurity researchers from IBM’s X-Force.... More

Cybercriminals Make $3.25B+ a Year Using Social Media (SiliconANGLE)

As bad as content such as anti-vaccine material on Facebook Inc. or alleged suicide instruction videos on YouTube look, a new report out today details an even more nefarious use of... More

Laughing All the Way to the Bank: Cybercriminals Targeting U.S. Financial Institutions (Forbes)

The risk of cyberattack on financial services firms cannot be overstated. Cyberattacks cost financial services firms more to address than firms in any other industry at $18 million... More