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The Code War: Cyberattacks are Redrawing the Battle Lines of Global Conflict (Wired)

The difficulty of attribution, or the ability to tell who launched an attack, is part of what makes cyberattacks a compelling–and successful–tactic. Attacks might rely on third... More

Report: 50% of Users Online Fall Victim to Cyberattacks (CISO)

Threat actors are using sophisticated hacking methods to target users online. It’s not just about taking advantage of Coronavirus-related anxieties, but attackers are using every... More

IBM Security: Response Planning Up, But Containing Attacks Remains a Problem

A new global report from IBM security, examining the effectiveness of businesses in preparing for — and responding to — cyberattacks, has found both cause to celebrate, and rea... More

Cyberattackers Ramp Up Efforts Against Businesses as Coronavirus Remote Working Surges (Verdict)

Opportunistic cyberattackers appear to be increasing their efforts against businesses in order to take advantage of the surge in remote working due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outb... More

Hacking Victims are Uncovering Cyberattacks Faster – and GDPR is the Reason Why (ZDNet)

The amount of time hackers spend inside the networks of compromised organisations before being uncovered has massively declined across Europe -- and GDPR is a key reason for the dr... More

CPS 2019: NSA Security Expert Points to People as the Main Problem

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Dr. Eric Haseltine, chairman of the board for the U.S. Technology Leadership Council, was once head of research and development for Walt Disney Imagineer... More

Why Just About Any Cybersecurity Incident Gives Nightmares to CXOs (TechWire Asia)

Major cybersecurity incidents give nightmares to CXOs, irrespective of who was attacked — and for good reason. When a cyberattack is successful, organizations lose credentials to... More

Cyberattacks Now No. 1 Risk for Many Organizations (ITProPortal)

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, cyberattacks are now their biggest worry, according to a new report by insurance consultancy Marsh and Microsoft. The two companies polled m... More

Your Users Aren’t the Weakest Link – They’re Integral to Your Security Program (Security Intelligence)

As data breaches increase globally in both severity and frequency, business leaders are realizing that achieving better security outcomes requires a significant shift in the tradit... More

Cyberattackers Now Pose as Business Executives to Secure Security Certificates (ZDNet)

Security certificates are intended to elicit trust in users for the deployment of software, but as with so many other safeguards, threat actors can find a way to abuse the mechanis... More